Hokkaido, Kushiro - LakeAkan Travel Guide[Official]


Hokkaido, Kushiro - LakeAkan Travel Guide[Official]

Souvenirs you definitely want to buy [Stationery]

Introducing stationery products inspired by Kushiro, available in downtown Kushiro!
How about some stylish souvenirs that are light and convenient for gift-giving?

The "City of Cranes" & "Sunset at Nusamai Bridge" series

Based on the painting "City of Cranes" by Kushiro's nihonga artist Senju Otani and the woodblock print "Sunset at Nusamai Bridge" by Kushiro's printmaker Toshihiko Nakagawa.
In addition, pens, sticky notes, and other items featuring the same motifs are ideal for travel memorabilia and gifts.
Notepads: 550 yen each (including tax)

The "Shima-Enaga-san" series

nullThis series features the cute wild bird "Shima-Enaga," which has recently gained popularity throughout Japan.
It includes stationery items such as pens, pencils, erasers, and masking tape, as well as adorable products, including mascots and candy, that are currently on sale!
Ballpoint pens: 320 yen (including tax)

Part of the sales from the products designed and sold by "Team Shima-Enaga-san," a collaboration of artists and businesses in eastern Hokkaido, will be donated to conservation activities.

[Team Shima-Enaga-san] https://satokamiten.co.jp/hp/shimaenagasan/

Please note that there are places in Kushiro where Shima-Enaga birds visit, so please have a look.
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Sunset Fountain Pen & Original Ink:

The fountain pen features a silhouette motif of "Sunset at Nusamai Bridge" and is colored in the orange of the sunset.
The original ink for the fountain pen comes in three varieties: "Night Fog," representing the misty city of Kushiro; "Wetland Green," representing the green of the Kushiro marsh; and "Nusamai Red," inspired by the red of the sunset in Kushiro, one of the top three cities in the world for sunsets.
Sunset Fountain Pen: 2,530 yen (including tax) / Ink: 2,200 yen each (including tax)

Where to buy:

You can buy these at "Sato Paper Store," located in the heart of Kita Odori, a 5-minute walk from Kushiro Station, perfect for souvenirs!
[Sato Paper Store]
 8-1 Kita Odori, Kushiro City (5-minute walk from Kushiro Station)
  WEB https://www.satokamiten.com(Some products are also available by mail order.)

You may also purchase them at the "Coach & Four Kushiro Store" near the Harutori Lake tourist area. *Some products, such as fountain pens and ink, may not be available.
[Coach & Four Kushiro Store]
7-1-24 Harutori, Kushiro City (about 12 minutes by bus from JR Kushiro Station to the Coach & Four stops on the No. 17 Shirakaba Line for Shirakaba-dai, then a 1-minute walk)
  WEB https://www.coachandfour-kushiro.jp