Hokkaido, Kushiro - LakeAkan Travel Guide[Official]


Hokkaido, Kushiro - LakeAkan Travel Guide[Official]

A quick note before going to KAMUI LUMINA!
Tidbits and tips to make the attractions 100 times more enjoyable

A quick note before going to KAMUI LUMINA!<br>Tidbits and tips to make the attractions 100 times more enjoyable The "KAMUY LUMINA" is a night attraction where you take a night walk in the forests near Lake Akan to enjoy an interactive experience full of lights and visuals! An attraction that lets you trek through an adventurous world while walking through the magnificent nature of Akan.
The company involved in the development is the multimedia entertainment company "Moment Factory (Moment Factory)" based out of Canada that also handled Madonna's Super Bowl halftime show.
The "KAMUY LUMINA," while being the 10th iteration of its kind, is also the first attraction in the world to be held inside a national park.
Many of the attractions are full of the essence of the Ainu!

Today, 4 locals will be experiencing this attraction!

Today, 4 locals will be experiencing this attraction! The entrance of the attraction is the same one near the bustling lake where the Akan Kanko steamboat operates during the day.
Even if you come early there are great locations at the pier such as cafes and shops where you can take memorable photos for you to enjoy.
Since you will be walking in the forest for about an hour, we recommend wearing easy-to-walk clothes! Tickets can be purchased near the entrance, not to mention via the website and at each hotel.

One essential item during the attraction is the rhythm stick that you will receive when you enter.
Using only the sounds and lights made by the rhythm sticks that are shaped in the motif of traditional Ainu walking sticks, you will head towards the divine country from the forest of Lake Akan.
But beforehand, you should know about the Ainu spirit that hovers over this attraction.
In this land, deities borrow the shape of a person to come and enjoy the world of human beings.
The deities will lay down their temporary animal masks and fur behind as gifts.
That is why the Ainu people have lived in harmony with nature, worshipping not only deities but animals as well.

At the gate, you will learn from the owl god Kotankoro Kamui that the deities are angry. Due to such, arrows and nets have captured no animals during hunting.
The Kotankoro Kamui is a god that protects the village, unable to leave this land.
For this reason, a message from Kotankoro Kamui is to be sent to a deity with Kakesu as a companion, who is the number one singer in the forest.
Oh, it's shining! "OK, let's chase it down!" In between the pitch-dark trees, follow the blue trajectory left behind by Kakesu to delve deeper into the forest.

In the forest, there will be many scenes where you must strike the ground with the rhythm sticks to match the rhythms made from Kakesu and Marimo.
This is to match the rhythm ("Look, the rhythm stick is glowing!" and "Oh my god it is") to the sounds you hear, and to support Kakesu who often goes out of rhythm.
By the way, these rhythms will become important later, so remember well!

Once you start smelling the scent of sulfur, then that is evidence that the Devine Country is nearby. During the daytime, upon your arrival to the simultaneously erupting hot mud and volcanic smoke, the solemn voice of the deities will echo along with fantastic sounds and lights.

Finally, there would be a scene where both Marimo and Kakesu will separate their rhythm and begin striking the floor on their own.
To tell that the preachings by the Deities have not gone unnoticed, the rhythm sticks are divided into green and blue, with the person holding the green be in charge of Marimo's rhythm, while the person with the blue will be striking the rhythm of Kakesu.
At the climax, you will see a powerful and fantastic sight as it rises from the forest of Akan!

Night Walk in the Akan Forest, the "KAMUY LUMINA (Kamuairmina)"
Period: Until November 17th, 2019
Opening Hours: 5:00 PM to 9:30 PM (From November 11th to 17th is open unti 9:00 PM)
Venue: The Akan Kanko Steamboat "Marimo's Sato Pier"
Fee: ¥3,500 for adults (Advance Payment: \3,000), ¥1,500 for children (Advance Payment: \1,500)
*A set ticket of KAMUY LUMINA + Lost Kamui will be \4,700 yen for adults and \2,100 yen for children.
Where to Purchase: surrounding hotels of Lake Akan, over the web, ticket booth at KAMUI LUMINA ※Prices includes tax.
Contact and Inquiries: Akan Adventure Tourism Co., Ltd. +81 (0) 154-65-7121