Hokkaido, Kushiro - LakeAkan Travel Guide[Official]


Hokkaido, Kushiro - LakeAkan Travel Guide[Official]

Check out this selection of eight spots to watch the stunning sunset in Kushiro, considered to be among the top three locations in the world for sunsets

Sailors who traveled the world’s oceans created a top three list of places to watch the sunset. The first two locations are Bali in Indonesia, and Manila in the Philippines. The third is none other than Kushiro. Sunsets are most beautiful from autumn to winter when there is often clear skies and clean air. Join us in Kushiro to find the best spot to watch vividly colored sunsets that will stick with you for life.

【Nusamai Bridge】

【Nusamai Bridge】 The number one spot in Kushiro to check out the sunset is Nusamai Bridge, which is considered to be one of the three most picturesque bridges in all of Hokkaido. The sight of the sun melting into the ocean from beyond the silhouette of the four statues of the seasons on the bridge’s guardrail is truly stunning. Often the entire riverbank of the Kushiro River over which the Nusamai Bridge crosses is dyed in beautiful hues of orange. There are a number of great locations to watch the sunset, including from the arboretum at Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf MOO looking at the shadows of fishing boats or the setting sun over Nusamai Bridge seen from Kusuri Bridge located slightly upstream. We invite you to explore the area on foot to find your favorite spot for watching the sunset.

・Nusamai Bridge:http://en.kushiro-lakeakan.com/things_to_do/3788/
・Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf MOO:http://en.kushiro-lakeakan.com/eat_souvenir/7530/

【Yonemachi Park】

【Yonemachi Park】 Yonemachi is where Kushiro first flourished from the Meiji to early Showa periods. This area is permeated with a nostalgic aura thanks to its cobblestone streets of red brick. Nusamai Park is located in one corner of this area and it has an observatory that looks like a lighthouse. The sunset viewed from atop this observatory is truly breathtaking. The observatory offers commanding views of the Port of Kushiro and as far away as Mt. Mashu and Mt. Shari on clear days. This is the ideal location for a sunset with a bit of nostalgia and yearning for yesteryear.

・Yonemachi Park:http://en.kushiro-lakeakan.com/things_to_do/3793/

【Nusamai Park】

【Nusamai Park】 Nusamai Park offers views of downtown Kushiro and the sunset from a high vantage point atop a hill. This park is located at the flower clock that is visible from Nusamai Bridge, providing commanding views of the Kushiro River and Kushiro Station. The best time to take photographs is that magical hour when the sun sets behind the horizon coloring the sky beautifully and the lights of downtown begin to sparkle. The spectacle from the quiet park grounds will undoubtedly become a shot for your memories.

【Shinkushiro River】

【Shinkushiro River】 The Shinkushiro River spans a direct line from Kushiro Shitsugen Wetlands to the Port of Kushiro. This manmade river was created to prevent the Kushiro River from flooding. The views of the setting sun over the smokestacks of the paper mills along the river produce a nostalgic aura, while the dazzling colors reflected in the river’s surface from the setting sun are also a highlight. The river banks are nicely developed, providing a perfect backdrop for beautiful sunsets that appear right out of a painting.

【Kushiro City Lifelong Learning Center (Manabotto Nusamai)】

【Kushiro City Lifelong Learning Center (Manabotto Nusamai)】 The Kushiro City Lifelong Learning Center (Manabotto Nusamai) is the place to go if you want to enjoy views of the sunset and the city at night from indoors perched atop one of the tallest buildings in Kushiro. This ten-story building designed to look like a lighthouse offers panoramic views of Kushiro from the free observatory on the top floor. Discover the unique views of the sunset this spot has to offer.

【Chiyonoura Marine Park】

【Chiyonoura Marine Park】 Sunsets at Chiyonoura Marine Park appear to be directed right at you. There are no obstructions anywhere to be seen. The vastness of the scene includes the setting sun and the big sky that comes alive in shades of red. The light of the setting sun that scorches the ocean appears like a path shining on forever into eternity. There is a sandy beach that you can walk down to nearby, which is a hidden sunset viewing spot. Enjoy a moment all to yourself as you gaze at the setting and listen to the waves breaking on shore, which is the only sound in the area.

【Kushiro Shitsugen Wetlands】

【Kushiro Shitsugen Wetlands】 The stunning sight of red sunsets over the wetlands extending to the horizon and the meandering Kushiro River can only be viewed here. Head to the Hoso-Oka Observatory along the Kushiro River if you want to enjoy a sunset over the scene of a meandering river, or choose the Kushiro Shitsugen Wetlands Observatory if you want to enjoy the setting sun over marshland and the silhouettes of trees.

・Hoso-oka Observatory and Visitor’s Lounge:http://en.kushiro-lakeakan.com/things_to_do/3775/
・Kushiro Marsh Observatory:http://en.kushiro-lakeakan.com/things_to_do/3770/

【Cruise ships】

【Cruise ships】 Watch the stunning sunset from the Port of Kushiro all by yourself without anyone else around. The Port of Kushiro lies at the mouth of the Kushiro River and spanned by Nusamai Bridge. The port is one of only a handful in Japan to open to the ocean in a westerly direction. This makes it a great spot for stunning views of the sunset. Check out the sunset cruise aboard the Sea Crane, which leaves one hour before sundown. You can book tickets up to 15 minutes before departure on the same day. The cruise is another way to enjoy a great sunset on clear days.

・Kushiro Activities & Tours bay Lounge SEA CRANE:http://en.kushiro-lakeakan.com/things_to_do/3518/