Hokkaido, Kushiro - LakeAkan Travel Guide[Official]


Hokkaido, Kushiro - LakeAkan Travel Guide[Official]

Frost flowers blooming in the mid-winter

Frost flowers blooming in the mid-winter Have you ever heard of frost flowers? These miraculous flowers only bloom on the very coldest morning. In deep winter at Lake Akan, this phenomenon can only be observed when specific conditions are met. Those lucky enough to see the frost flowers will have a remarkable story to share.

3 conditions required

3 conditions required Also known as " ice flower" or " winter flower", the phenomenon occurs when the air in the mist crystallizes upon the frozen lake surface and creates figures which look like as if blooming real flowers across the entire lake. For this to happen, at least these 3 conditions are to be met.
1. Snow must not be accumulated on the frozen lake surface
2. Temperatures must be intensely cold, below -15 °C
3. Winds must be still or very minimal
Lake Akan offers better chances to encounter this miraculous moment.

Fleeting art of nature

Fleeting art of nature The formation of frost flowers varies by the weather conditions when they are produced such as flower, and feather-like shapes. However, these flowers are so fragile that a single breath will melt them in the blink of an eye. This fragility is why you never see frost flowers on a windy day. The rare chance to partake in this ephemeral beauty is a miracle in itself.

Advice for visitors who are determined to see frost flowers

A field of frost flowers bloom like delicate glass work across the blue lake surface. This interweaving contrast of blue and white is a scene of rare beauty created by nature itself. If you are willing to take any means to see frost flowers, we recommend to spend several nights during the coldest winter months of December through March, and join a local tour. Due to pooling hot spring water, some parts of the lake may have thin ice, and so it is extremely dangerous to look for frost flower by yourself. A tour guide will use their experience to lead you to places with the best conditions, boosting your chances to see the phenomenon. And of course, you'll enjoy other beautiful scenes such as diamond dust, and hoarfrost.