Hokkaido, Kushiro - LakeAkan Travel Guide[Official]


Hokkaido, Kushiro - LakeAkan Travel Guide[Official]


  • 2022 Lake Akan Cruise through broken ice

    Boat cruise operation begins in late April in Lake Akan. During the first week of the season when there are still many chunks of large floating ice on the water, the boats runs in a short trip ( 15 minutes ) passing through them with magnificent views of Mt. Meakan & Mt. Oakan.   Operation Schedule: April 21st *It will end as soon as the lake runs out of ice Departure time:  9:00・10:00・11:00.  

  • Free shuttle bus to Lake Akan Ski Resort starts!

    Free shuttle bus to Lake Akan Suki Resort “Marimu” starts running from today (January 2nd). We are looking forward to meet you at the resort and enjoy the winter in Lake Akan. Inquiries: Akan Tourism Association 0154-67-3200

  • Summer fishing season ended at Lake Akan

    Summer fishing season ended on 30 Nov at Lake Akan. We hope you had a great time in Lake Akan and see you next season!   We are also like to announce that ‘Lake smelt fishing’ start from 1 Jan 2022.   Unfortunately, it may be delayed due to the warm weather.   Please check out our facebook page and homepage to catch up newest information. FB: https://www.facebook.com/lakeakann HP: https://en.kushiro-lakeakan.com/news/  

  • Akan Sightseeing Cruise new schedule (21 Oct updated)

    Please check the newest schedule of Akan Sightseeing Cruise. ■ Sightseeing Cruise ①9:00, ②11:00, ③13:00, ④15:00  

  • Akan Lakeside Eco-musuem & Campsite opening hours (30 Sep updated)

    Due to the lift of state of emergency in Hokkaido, Eco-museum and Campsite will open as the schedule below.   ■Akan Lakeside Eco-museum Opening hours: 9:00 ~ 17:00 Closing day: Every Tuesday   ■Akan Lakeside Campsite Opening days: 1 ~ 17 Oct Reception hours: 10:00 ~ 17:00

  • Ainu theater Ikoro and Ainu life Memorial Museum reopen

    Due to the lift of state of emergency in Hokkaido, Ainu theater Ikoro and Ainu life Memorial Museum will reopen from 1st Oct.   ■Ainu theater Ikoro ※Mon ~ Fri: 20:00 ~ Akan Traditional Ainu Dance 21:00 ~ Lost Kamuy ※Sat ~ Sun, National Holiday: 15:00 ~ Lost Kamuy 20:00 ~ Akan Traditional Ainu Dance 21:00 ~ Lost Kamuy ※10/10 (Sun) Night show only due to the Celebration ceremony of Marimo.   ■Ainu life Memorial Museum Opening hours: 10:00 ~…

  • Ainu theater Ikoro and Ainu life Memorial Museum closure until 30 Sep

    Ainu theater Ikoro and Ainu life Memorial Museum (Onechise) will be closed until 30 Sep due to the extension of state of emergency. We apologize for any inconvenience and please keep follow our page to catch our newest information.

  • T shirts exhibition in Tourist Information Center

    We’ve started T-shirts exhibition in our town in Akanko Tourist Information Center. They are sold in the shops in Akanko Onsen. Come and see our selection of a wide variety of T-shirts with original designs. Date  until September 30th Open: 9:00~18:00  

  • Lake Akan Ainu Theater Performance Schedule

    Lake Akan Ainu Theater Performance Schedule August 9th-15th *15:00~ Lost Kamuy, *16:30~The Epic Story of Fire God 20:00~Traditional Dance 21:00~Lost Kamuy * 9th, 14th, 15th only Each play lasts about 30 minutes. Please wear a face mask when entering the theater. Various anti-corona-virus measures have been taken at the theater. 【Ainu Museum】 August 9th~22nd Open everyday 10:00~16:40

  • Ainu Theater Ikor Closed

    With the state of the emergency declaration, Ainu Theater Ikor and Onnechise Ainu Museum will be closed for the time being.

  • Ainu Theater Ikor Performance Schedule April

    Due to the concerns of COVID-19, the theater performances have been limited. April 17th & 24th 20:00~ Traditional Dance  21:00~ Lost Kamuy April 29th~May 5th 15:00~ Lost Kamuy   16:30~ Fire God Story 20:00~ Traditional Dance  21:00~ Lost Kamuy  

  • The Iceland Akan of today

    Today in Lake Akan, it is snowing while the sun is out. Today’s Iceland Akan includes the following activities :. ・natural pond smelt fishing, ・pond smelt fishing, ・4 wheel buggies, ・snowmobile (2 km / 4 km for 2 people), ・Banana boat, ・ice skating. * For prevention of new coronavirus virus infection, please make sure to wear a mask when you come. Also, please refrain from coming if you have common cold symptoms or fever.

  • Winter Theme Park “Ice Land Akan”

    Ice fishing, snow buggy, banana boat and more! Come and join us! Open 8:00a.m. every day.

  • Akan Airport Liner Limited Operation January

    Akan Airport Liner conducting a limited operation due to COVID-19. January service day 8th-11th, 15th-17th, 22nd-24th, 29th-31st Inquiry 0154-37-2221

  • A new photo spot in Kushiro

    A new photo spot of Kushiro was unveiled at Nusamai square near Nusamai Bridge. That is Cool KUSHIRO monument!! ‘Cool’ is really suitable for Kushiro because the average of maximum temperature is approx. 21℃. Take a ‘cool’ picture with this when you visit Kushiro📷✨   📍Nusamai Square  – 15mins walk from JR Kushiro Station

  • 【Notice】Cool Kushiro Monument

    A new landmark of Kushiro will be completed on December 25th! It is a monument of ‘Cool Kushiro’. Kushiro’s average maximum temperature is approx.21℃, so ‘Cool’ really match for Kushiro. Please take a picture with this when you come to Kushiro. And also, moving shadow pictures will appear in front of Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf Moo. The pictures are motifs of Kamuy, the spirits of Ainu people. For celebrating it, the opening ceremony will be held at Nusamai Square at 6:30…

  • 2020.11.11

    Nusamai Bridge Lighting-up Color Schedule in November

    Nusmai Bridge Lighting-up Color schedule in November has been updated. We hope this will lead to elimination of racial discrimination, violence against woman and prevention diabetes. Please check the detail below↓ https://en.kushiro-lakeakan.com/things_to_do/13407/

  • 2020.07.07

    Ainu patterned new mask now on sale

    To fight against COVID-19, Akanko Onsen has released a new mask with a traditional Ainu pattern symbol of repelling bad spirits and epidemics on it, durable, simple, fashionable shape & design, washable, made of cotton. A very popular item that is available at shops and hotels in the town. Check it out!

  • 2020.06.19

    Kushiro Tourist Concierge~Bike rental service~

    Hi! I’m Kushiro Tourist Concierge. I enjoyed cycling using our bicycle rental service! This time, I chose Electric bike from three types. It’s very useful for me. Then let’s go!! First, I headed to Life Learning Center from Kushiro Tourism and International Relations Center. On the way, crossed Nusamai Bridge over Kushiro River and passed Syusse Slope. Syusse Slope Life Learning Center is on the top of the hill, so I had to go up the hill road. Does it…

  • 2020.03.15

    Kushiro Gourmet Hopping Tour

    Do you want to have a dinner at the restaurants loved by locals? Kushiro Gourmet Hopping Tour takes you there!! You can enjoy not only the local specialties but also talking with English speaking local guide. Have a wonderful night with Kushiro Gourmet Hopping Tour!! Please check the detail below↓ https://en.kushiro-lakeakan.com/things_to_do/13613/      

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