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Hokkaido, Kushiro - LakeAkan Travel Guide[Official]

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The 70th Marimo Festival

The 70th Marimo Festival   Oct. 8th - Oct. 10th

The Marimo Festival held annually in the town of Akanko Onsen to give thanks to the God of the mother nature. During the festival, All the events can be enjoyed for free.

Festival Schedule

October 8th ( Tue. )
10:00~ Talks about marimo ( at Eco-museum Center )
Talks only given in Japanese
*Reservation required
13:00~Marimo Observation
*Required to participate in the talks made at 10:00 as we enter into a limited area. Explanation made only in Japanese.
* Required to fully understand Japanese.

October 9th ( Wed.)
13:00~Parade ( Eco-museum Center-Ainu Kotan ) Arrive at 14:00
15:00~The 70th memorial ceremony talk ( Admission free ) at Ainu Theater Ikor
19:30~Marimo Welcoming Ceremony
19:45~Torch Parade ( Lake - Ainu Kotan )
20:30~Dance Festival ( at Ainu Theater 'Ikor' )

October 10th ( Thu.)
10:00~ Ceremony ( at Ainu Kotan )
10:30~Parade ( Ainu Kotan- Lake )
11:30~Marimo sending ceremony ( Lake )





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