Hokkaido, Kushiro - LakeAkan Travel Guide[Official]


Hokkaido, Kushiro - LakeAkan Travel Guide[Official]

About Akan Airport Liner

Service period
April 1, 2022-March 31, 2023

  • 大きな荷物も収納できるハイデッカータイプ


  • 3列セパレート28名乗りの快適空間


Convenient Amenities

Please note that other bus types may be substituted.

  • 禁煙

    No smoking

  • WiFi


  • リクライニング


  • 3列シート

    3-Row Seats

*In case of a large number of reservations, we will switch the cars to the ones with four-row seats, so please understand.

About stopover

Even if you stop off at "Tancho no Sato", you can get on the following flight again (including regular buses) without charge.
A luggage storage service is also under way at the red beret. You can enjoy Tancho, or cranes sightseeing empty-handed and lightly!
Main tourist facilities adjacent to the "Tancho no Sato" stop

Main tourist facilities adjacent to the "Tancho no Sato" stop

  • Michi no Eki Cranes Terrace
    Michi no Eki Cranes Terrace

    There is also plenty of eat-in corner including a snack cafe with local ingredients and Tourist Information. Please feel free to have some delicious local ingredients.

  • Akan Marche
    Akan Marche

    It is a local specialty shop with a large selection of local meat, seafood, vegetables and sweets.

  • Akai Beret
    Akai Beret

    It is a natural hot spring accommodation. Single-day bathing is available. At the restaurant, there are popular menus such as "Akan Pork Steak" and "Akan Malt Steak", which use local ingredients .

  • Akan International Crane Center [GRUS]
    Akan International Crane Center [GRUS]

    There is an exhibition explaining Tancho, or cranes in the facility, and you can observe Tancho, or cranes which are raised in a state close to nature outside in the whole year.
    In winter, over 200 wild tancho, or cranes come down.

  • The Museum of Fine Arts, Kushiroshitsugen
    The Museum of Fine Arts, Kushiroshitsugen

    This exhibition features works by Eisho Sasaki, who took root in Kushiro and continued to depict works as a motif of the nature of Doutou and became to be known as "a painter of Wetlands".

  • Coal Mine and Railway Museum
    Coal Mine and Railway Museum

    The facility showcases materials related to the Obetsu coal brewer, which has supported as the backbone of an Akan industry for half a century until the closing year of 1970. (Period: May to September)

*After stopover at "Tancho no Sato", please represent your ticket when you get on the following flight again.
*If there is no fallowing flights depending on the time of day, there may be some time, so please check the timetable below.
*It is also possible to get on Akan Airport Liner from a regular bus again.


Tancho Kushiro Airport ⇄ Akanko Onsen


Tancho Kushiro Airport ⇄ Hotel & Spa Resort La Vista Akangawa


*A book of four tickets can be purchased at a reasonable price for 7,000 yen.


Telephone Reservations
Reception 9:00 - 17:000154-37-8651Akan Bus
Internet Reservations
Reserve & Buy Seats on Akan Airport Liner
Telephone Reservation

Service period
April 1, 2022-March 31, 2023

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Arrival flight

・ANA 48718:30

・JAL 28618:45

・ADO 71/ANA 47719:25

・JAL 5419:45

・JAL 286311:25

・MM 12511:50

・ANA 74113:00

・JAL 54314:05

・ANA 487314:25

・JAL 286515:35

・ANA 487516:30

・JAL 286917:50

・ADO 73/ANA 477317:55

Bus Name AirportLiner 1 Route Bus 103 Route Bus 105* AirportLiner 3 Route Bus 107 Route Bus 109
Tancho Kushiro Airport 10:00 11:02 12:32 14:45 15:37 18:02
Tsuru Park 11:05 12:35
15:40 18:05
Akan Koko-mae 11:14 12:59 15:49 18:14
Akan Town 11:17 13:02 15:52 18:17
Akan Tancho-no-Sato
10:17 11:22 13:07 15:02 15:57 18:22
Akanko Onsen 11:15 12:05 13:50 16:00 16:40 19:05
Bus Name Route Bus 102 Route Bus 104 AirportLiner 2 Route Bus 106* Route Bus 108 AirportLiner 2
Akanko Onsen 7:30 10:20 11:40 ※12:20 16:00 16:50
Akan Tancho-no-Sato 8:11 11:01 12:35 13:01 16:41 17:45
Akan Town 8:17 11:07 13:07 16:47
Akan Koko-mae 8:19 11:09 13:09 16:49
Tsuru Park 8:29 11:19 13:19
Tancho Kushiro Airport 8:34 11:24 13:00 13:39 17:04 18:10
Otanoshike Eki-mae 8:45 11:35   13:50 17:15  
Kushiro Station 9:20 12:10   14:25 17:50  
Departure flight

・ANA 48729:00

・JAL 28609:20

・ADO 72/
ANA 4772

・JAL 54010:25

・JAL 286211:55

・MM 12612:30

・ANA 74213:45

・ANA 487414:35

・JAL 54215:05

・JAL 286416:05

・ANA 487617:05

・JAL 286818:20

・ADO 74/ANA 477418:40

・JAL 54420:05

・AirportLiner 3,AirportLiner 4 is closed in March
・As the local route bus does not require prior reservations, please make your way directly to the bus stop on your day of travel.
・Due to seats being limited, when the bus is at full capacity it is not available for boarding. It is recommended you reserve Airport Liner tickets in advance.
・The Airport Liner will stop at every hotel in the Akanko Onsen area. Please make reservations in advance for the "Tancho Kushiro Airport - Akanko Onsen" bus route.
・The first departure of the day is bus 104, departs at 09:45 and will stop at every hotel in the Akanko Onsen area.
・For those who plan to get off for a stop at "Tancho no Sato" when boarding your next bus whether it be an Airport Liner or the local route bus, please show the driver your Airport Liner PDF ticket again for no extra cost. By all means, pay a visit to Tancho no Sato!
・If the airport liner is full please use the next available route bus.
・For those wanting to from board and disembark from stops in between, please use the local route bus.
・The * symbol indicates routes only operational between 7/1 - 10/31.
・Please note, during the New Year period (12/31 - 1/3) Route Bus 109 and Route Bus 102 are not in service.
・In the case of a flight arrival time is delayed (up to 20 minutes) the departure of Airport Liner buses 1 and 3 will also be delayed. If the delay of more than 30 minutes please use the next available bus.
・Please understand that buses may run late due to traffic conditions.
・The flight arrival and departure times are based on the April 2019 flight timetable. For the latest information please contact the respective airline.