Hokkaido, Kushiro - LakeAkan Travel Guide[Official]


Hokkaido, Kushiro - LakeAkan Travel Guide[Official]

Akan’s lakeshore is a paradise for hot spring lovers! Let’s take a closer look阿寒湖畔は温泉天国!その魅力を徹底解明

Akan’s lakeshore is a paradise for hot spring lovers! Let’s take a closer look Akan is eastern Hokkaido's foremost hot spring district. What sort of hot springs are there? What therapeutic effects do they have? Which accept day visitors? Let's find the details about these refreshing, invigorating hot springs!

Enjoy hot springs to the fullest

Enjoy hot springs to the fullest Even among Hokkaido's many famous hot spring districts, Akan is one of the foremost. Most of the lakeside hotels have open-air baths, offering magnificent views of the lake and mountain scenery from the bath. The region's breathtakingly beautiful nature is complimented by plentiful events. In the "Natsukito" (Summer Lamp Festival), soft green spheres modeled after marimo are floated upon the lake surface. In winter, enjoy the "Fuyu Hanabi" fireworks festival held on the frozen laketop. Fireworks fill the skies over the snow-covered land, and a hot spring bath is particularly inviting on the coldest of nights.

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Lake Akan's gentle hot springs suit everyone

Lake Akan's gentle hot springs suit everyone Most of Lake Akan's hot springs are simple (neutral hypotonic) springs, loved by many as the "springs for everyone", and found helpful for neuralgia. The springs have been named "for everyone" due to their odorless, colorless, clear spring water with a wide range of gentle therapeutic effects. Above all, the springs are perfect for restful recuperation, and may be easily enjoyed by anyone, from children to elderly. As such, this is the perfect place to start enjoying hot springs. And, the simple spring allows soap to work well, so you can look forward to a gentle and comfortable wash. The properties of this hot spring make it perfect for a restful holiday.

Akan's alkaline springs, the choice of hot spring connoisseurs

Among the regions many simple springs, there are also hydrogen carbonate springs known as "springs of beauty" or "springs of refreshment" for their rare properties. The springs have a strong alkaline content, which helps to break down sebum for smooth, fresh skin. Your skin will feel slippery while in the bath, but this excess sebum will wash away cleanly. On the other hand, the springs also draw out moisture, so be certain to rehydrate well after bathing.

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