Hokkaido, Kushiro - LakeAkan Travel Guide[Official]


Hokkaido, Kushiro - LakeAkan Travel Guide[Official]

Kushiro—City of Fog

Kushiro is known to have the most frequent occurrence of fog in all of Japan. The city’s cold climate brings sea fog in the summer and mist in the winter. The sight of Kushiro blanketed in fog provides a mystical feel unlike the city’s normal reputation as a bustling fishing town. Fog is a remarkably conspicuous treat for travelers that cannot be enjoyed on clear, sunny days.

Kushiro’s cool summer is often blanketed in sea fog

Kushiro’s cool summer is often blanketed in sea fog During the summer, there is a mystical aura about Kushiro in which the entire city feels like it has been sunken into the sea. The area from Cape Erimo to Hamanaka Town is known by the name sea fog road, while Kushiro City itself sees fog on more than 100 days every year. Fog occurs most frequently from July to August, and in some years these months see nearly 20 days of fog. This is why Kushiro has earned the nickname, the London of Japan. The riverside along Nusamai Bridge has many streetlights, which at night provide a romantic charm right out of a movie. Also, if you go canoeing in Kushiro Shitsugen Wetlands, you may run into a thick fog bank and mystical scene where you can only hear the sounds of wildlife around you.

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Kushiro Fog Festival—a summer event celebrating the coming fog

Kushiro Fog Festival—a summer event celebrating the coming fog Kushiroites who are accustomed to the fog refer to it as “gasu.” They revere the fog so much that the city has created the Kushiro Fog Festival to celebrate and enjoy its arrival. This civic event has been held every July since 1985. The festival also attracts visitors from across Hokkaido and the world to enjoy the tastes of Kushiro and also witness a magical laser light show that lights up the fog. If you hear a Kushiroite say, “Today the gasu is pretty thick,” which means the fog is out today in the local dialect.

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Winter’s steam mist on bitter cold mornings

Winter’s steam mist on bitter cold mornings Fog blankets Kushiro even in the winter. On some particularly bitter cold mornings, the cold air of the land cools the water vapor from the water’s surface to create a phenomenon known as steam mist. Because Kushiro is surrounded by water, this white mist gradually builds and can blanket the entire city before you know it, creating a mystical aura.

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