Hokkaido, Kushiro - LakeAkan Travel Guide[Official]


Hokkaido, Kushiro - LakeAkan Travel Guide[Official]

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  • 2020.01.29

    Kushiro Winter Festival 2020

    Kushiro Winter Festival 2020 will be held on 1-2 Feb 2020. Date: Feb.1st   10:00-18:30 / 2nd 10:00-15:00 Place: Front yard of Kushiro Tourism and International Relations Center For more information (Japanese)↓ http://ja.kushiro-lakeakan.com/kushiroakanwp/wp-content/uploads/20200129131209464.pdf

  • 2020.01.29

    SL Fuyu-no-Shitsugen Train

    The Steam Locomotive ‘SL Fuyu-no-Shitsugen Train’ has started its operation!! Make a wonderful memory with this train. Please check the detail below↓ http://en.kushiro-lakeakan.com/kushiroakanwp/wp-content/uploads/0b5136844a068a80cd0997576ac86328.pdf

  • 2020.01.24

    Notice:Open wooden walkway of Kushiro Marsh Observatory

    The wooden walkway of Kushiro Marsh Observatory has been opened.

  • 2020.01.20

    Notice: Close Wooden Walkway of Kushiro Marsh Observatory

    Due to the heavy snow, we closed the wooden walkway of Kushiro Marsh Observatory. We will let you know when it is opened.

  • 2020.01.04

    Ice Fishing Akanko Onsen begins!

    Akanko Onsen’s winter event Ice Fishing begins Jan. 4th and continues until March 31 The fishing fee: 1500yen ( includes fishing permission, fishing tackles,baits, tents,ice hole, and fish cooking fee ) Opens everyday from 8:00 to 16:00. Ice fishing is a very delightful activity for everyone from very small children to adults. After fishing, you can have your catches deep fried at a shop for free. Give it a try! Not only fishing but many other activities such as ice skating,…

  • 2019.12.27

    Nusamai Bridge’s Lighting-Up Color Schedule in January

    We updated Nusmai Bridge Lighting-up color schedule in January!! Please check this website below↓ http://en.kushiro-lakeakan.com/things_to_do/13407/

  • 2019.12.26

    【Notice】New Year’s Holiday

    We will close the following facilities for new year’s holiday. Please check the each closed day. 〇Kushiro Marsh Observatory:December 31 – January 3 〇Kushiro Tourist Information in JR Kushiro Station:December 29 -January 3 〇Kushiro Tourism & International Relations Center:December 29 – January 3 〇Kushiro Tourism and Convention Association:December 29 – January 3    

  • 2019.12.23

    SL Fuyu-no-Shitsugen Train

    Why don’t you make a wonderful winter memory with SL Fuyu-no-Shitsugen Train? The scenic train will start operating on January 25, 2020. *Note: Only reserved seating is available. Please refer the website below  ↓ https://www.jrhokkaido.co.jp/travel/sl/

  • 2019.12.17

    【Notice】Closed a Part of Onnenai Wooden walkway

    Due to the deterioration, a part of Onnenai Wooden walkway is closed to repair. Construction period: December 9th 2019 to March 27th 2020 Please refer this map for more detail. We apologize for the inconvenience.   ※You can still enjoy walking on Hokuto & Kushiro Marsh Observatory route. ※Onnenai visitor center is open as usual.  

  • 2019.12.01

    【Notice】Kushiro Marsh Observatory Wooden walkway

    Due to the winter season, we closed a half of Kushiro Marsh Observatory Wooden walkway. Please enjoy walking to the Satellite Viewpoint on Barrier-free wooden walkway, which is accessible for walking throughout the year. Thanks for your understanding in advance.

  • 2019.11.27

    Nusamai Bridge’s Lighting-Up Color Schedule in December

    Holiday season is coming!! On the Christmas Eve, Nusamai Bridge will turn Christmas color Don’t miss it!! Please check the URL below↓ http://en.kushiro-lakeakan.com/things_to_do/13407/

  • 2019.11.27

    A Thousand Torch Parade cancelled

    We regret to inform that Akanko Onsen town’s seasonal event ” A Thousand Torch Parede” has been cancelled due to the bad road condition.

  • 2019.11.15

    Akankohan National Ski Area ‘Utara’ Opens

    Akankohan national Ski Area ‘Utara’ Opens Dec. 29th. The area is located in the eastern Hokkaido on the south shore of Lake Akan and is renowned for fine powder snow, “Japow”. The site is used for a variety of national and international ski competetions every year. Como on! to Akanko Onsen and immerse yourself  into world highly acclaimed powder snow. The season ends April 5th. *The schedule might be changed depending on the weather conditions.

  • 2019.11.09

    Lake Akan Ainu Theater 【Ikor】November Schedule

    【November】 3:0op.m. Lost Kamuy(Sat. Sun. National Holidays only except 16th Sat.) 8:15p.m. Fire Ritual(every day) 9:15p.m. Lost Kamuy (every day)

  • 2019.10.25

    Nusamai Bridge’s Lighting-Up Color Schedule in November

    We have updated Nusamai Bridge’s Lighting-Up Color Schedule in November! Please check the URL below↓ http://en.kushiro-lakeakan.com/things_to_do/13407/

  • A Thousand Torch Parade

    The annual event ” A Thousand torch Parade” is officially rescheduled and will be held from November 20th to December 7th.

  • KAMUYLUMINA Night Walk Notice

    Today( October 13th )’s KAMUYLUMINA Night Walk will be operated as usual.

  • 2019.09.29

    Nusamai Bridge’s Lighting-Up Color Schedule in October

    Nusamai Bridge Lighting-up color schedule in October↓

  • Kushiro Tairyo Donpaku Starts Today!!

    When?13-15 September Where?Kushiro Tourism and International Relations Center Kushiro Tairyo Donpaku is the one the biggest festival in Kushiro. You can enjoy Food, Music, Fireworks(19:00-20:00,14th) and more!! That will make your appetite and heart satisfy. We are waiting for you at the venue!

  • The 70th Marimo Festival

    The 70th Marimo Festival   Oct. 8th – Oct. 10th The Marimo Festival held annually in the town of Akanko Onsen to give thanks to the God of the mother nature. During the festival, All the events can be enjoyed for free. Festival Schedule October 8th ( Tue. ) 10:00~ Talks about marimo ( at Eco-museum Center ) Talks only given in Japanese *Reservation required 13:00~Marimo Observation *Required to participate in the talks made at 10:00 as we enter into a…

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